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Our DIY Shiplap Inspired Project

My girlfriend Tara has been interested in taking on a DIY challenge with a shiplap inspired project in the living room.

This was a great opportunity for me to actually get my hands into some real home makeover kind of stuff!

It started with taking measurements of the wall on both sides of the fireplace, as this was going to be an accent wall. We went to the home improvement store and asked them to cut 6 inch pieces from a flat sheet of plywood ($14 each). We had a total of 4 plywood pieces cut (at the store) and then sanded down. Tara used a bit of glue and a brad nailer with a quarter positioned between each piece of wood when nailing the wood to the wall (starting at the bottom). She had to trace the mantel around the fireplace on paper first and then onto the wood (using scrap wood for trial). We used a jigsaw to cut those more specific patterns for total control. Once all the wood was applied to the walls they were primed and painted white.

This was a very affordable DIY project and only took two days!

Mission accomplished.

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