LIVE Online with Brody is a fun, interactive and inspiring LIVE streaming show featuring guests that have made an impact in theirs and others' lives.

     I always enjoyed having people on my radio show and most recently speaking with people who made a life audit to improve their life for the better.  Viewers will be able to comment LIVE as the show happens to be a part of the conversation.

Online English Tutoring Jobs & Expectations - Episode 6  (3/25/20)

For those looking for work right now consider what Denise does working remotely as an online English tutor. She's been at it for years, affording her the opportunity to travel around the world as she wishes, while making an impact on kids on the other side of the world and making a living doing it. At a time when some are out of work or looking to work from home becoming an online tutor can make for a good and convenient revenue option that doesn't necessary require a background in teaching.

Adjusting To Work From Home Mom Life - Episode 5  (3/18/20)

Samantha Ojedamoya is transitioning from working at the office to working remotely from home per the policy set in place by her company, in an effort to keep employees from contracting and spreading the Corona Virus. She also happens to be the mother of 2 year-old Leia.

Since some people are adjusting to working from home for the first time, while perhaps having kids home from school Sam could offer helpful tips on getting accustomed to the new lifestyle. She has worked from home in previous jobs, so this is not new territory for her, except now she and her partner have a child, as well.

Walking Out Of Court And Down the Aisle - Episode 4  (3/4/20)

Wedding and event planner Peggy Kelley not only helps convey stories through major life events like weddings but is also a domestic violence survivor. She shares her own story from the part she played in her near death experience with her ex-husband to coming out trusting and prioritizing herself on the other side.  

Peggy expands on relationships versus weddings and how to really give your relationship a chance with the attention it deserves, while not losing who you are.

Starting Over In the Caribbean - Episode 3  (2/26/20)

Ohio native Roxanne Goodrich decided to give her life a fresh start in the Caribbean island of St. Croix after a massive blow to her marriage. I feel like most people wait to consider the idea of living in a tropical place like that after they retire!

Have you ever said to yourself, living in the Caribbean would be THE LIFE?! What I wonder is what is life like there? What is the cost of living? What's the culture like and are the people that live there nice? I can't wait to hear about her new life down there.

Cartoonist/Comedian Grant Crowell on Bankruptcy To Early Impactful Retirement  - Episode 2 (2/19/20)

Grant has made some bad decisions like not filing taxes leading to bankruptcy. Realizing his challenges with ADHD he learned to harness that energy into helping others, including companies, while making a unique impact on the world through his book, 'Grantasms: Creative Twisted Words For Cool People'. The book, born out of his need for laughs, personal growth and creative inspiration is available on Amazon.

Radio Legend Bob Dumas And His Bob's Buddies CEO Wife Lu -Episode 1 (1/29/20)

It was an honor to have Raleigh radio legend Bob Dumas and his wife Lu as my very first LIVE Online guests!  I learned more about their Bob And Lu Show podcast, Bob's post-radio life honey-do list, his new car Bruce, their "mulch problem", Bob's lack of interest in getting back into radio and more.  Yes, I had technical issues first show out, which I have since fixed except for the feed cutting off ten minutes early.  Ignore the audio echo in the beginning.

     I'll never forget having my night show featured as the top story in the News And Observer back in May of 2005 for taking my show interactive in-studio, communicating with the audience that was listening.  The paper quoted me saying,


"It's a way for us to get closer to our audience."  

Almost 15 years later I'm "remaking" what I did back then, except it's now visual, too!

     People can watch it LIVE Wednesday nights at 9pm est (or the replay on demand) at, Youtube (brodyradioshow) or at  I'll have the ability to interact with people comments LIVE from my kitchen, and I will do weekly check-ins at the start of the show via Skype with a different viewer every show.  


The future is LIVE video on social media and I'm just "fishing where the fish are".