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Brody's Pajama Podcast

I have a love radio broadcasting but I've also started podcasting, with my program Brody's Pajama Podcast.  Self-inspired by my decision to leave my west coast job (in a 15+ year career) to focus on my family on the east coast, I've been talking to people (sometimes in my pajamas) with life-changing stories about their "life audit" to help inspire others who may be looking to create CHANGE in their life for whatever reason.  I have since turned my podcast into an interactive LIVE streaming  show Wednesday nights at 9 pst simulcast on Youtube and Facebook.  You can find podcast versions of the show on my LIVE Online page.

From Writing Corporate Code To "Rewriting" His Life After Loss

Tim Lewis worked in IT for almost 20 years making great money but after losing his wife due to health complications he decided to quit and pursue something he had been dabbling for years:  Writing self-published time travel novels.

Leaving A Radio Career & Audience For An Audience Of One

He did it, finally creating his best life.  Mike Breeze aka Breezekat aka Mike Rackoff much like me made a career in radio broadcasting but for him as the guy who would do just about anything on the air!  Eventually, his life journey would lead him to the love of his life, in turn changing his values and career path.  This is the story of what those defining on-air circumstances were and what makes him feel fulfilled today.

Personality Lands You The Job AND the Partner

Kristi's believes in doing whatever you have in order to be happy, from relationships to jobs.  All that does require risk and taking a chance but as Kristi experienced first hand your personality can do a lot more than just attract a potential relationship.  You being you could be what lands you your dream job.

In part two of my 'Life Audit' episode with psychic therapist and spiritual healer Vincent Genna he talks about how fear holds us back and how passion for your goal should be the focus, instead of creating revenue or hitting budget.

Film Star To Psychic Therapist

Vincent Genna always wanted to be a big Hollywood star but life had a different plan years later when he started coming into information that he couldn't dismiss.  That's when he decided to use his gifts as a psychic and spiritual healer to help others.

From the ICU To Couple Owned Business 

Sherri's health scare in the ICU inspired her and her husband Lou to leave their toxic jobs behind to go into business together offering coaching, training and keynote speaking, helping organizations and individuals become the best versions of themselves.

A Second Chance At Life

Teresa had worked for someone else for years before getting a life changing health diagnosis one day after something didn't feel right. It was then she realized how she needed to start living her life, something she wished she acted on much earlier.

Family First


Joe and I met at a Podcast Meet Up and quickly discovered we have a lot more in common than just our interest in podcasting.  As it turns out, we both left our jobs to focus more on our family. He describes his life transition as if it were in slow motion, coming to the realization on why pain is a necessary tool to grow.

Jumping Without A Plan

My first podcast of this series features two women doing their own "life audits", ranging from my friend Claire (above) considering leaving her job in the health care industry to my friend Blaire who made a decision to move with the family without knowing where they were going or what they were going to do!

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Audio samples

Morning Radio

Bob and The Showgram

I was a cohost/producer for the famous Bob and the Showgram Morning Show on G105 for two years before moving to Las Vegas.  Waking up early was tough but it was a fun challenge putting the show together, opening up to listeners, and displaying my dry humor!

Music Radio

Pop/Country/Adult Contemporary

I was the host of the weekday afternoon Las Vegas radio show on Sunny 106.5 and weekends on 95.5 The Bull though the summer of 2019.  I love the current country format!  


I enjoy connecting with people listening through my sense of humor and feel like I can be a voice of reason at times, too. I love the challenge of getting a thought out and only have 10 seconds to do it.  Perhaps I'll share something interesting or even funny!