My Story

Radio wasn't part of the plan but neither was redirecting my focus.

I grew up listening to the radio but was always making movies as a kid.  I wanted to be a stunt man and then a special effects technician in the movie industry.  (Little did I know this would manifest years later on Tik Tok!)

The radio was never more than a fun companion...

even though I worshiped the Z Morning Zoo morning radio show on Z100.  I majored in film and tv, interning and working in tv news as a videographer and editor.  I got this idea that pursuing a career in film would mean needing connections I didn't have.  Radio wasn't part of the plan.  

Two months before I graduated college my girlfriend at the time hosted a radio show at the school's student run radio station WSAM.  I called it We Suck At Music because it seemed like it was based on heavy metal (the most popular format for students).  It would only take one visit to her show to get hooked.  I'll never forget it.  They gave me a time slot and had a friend that was interested in having a show with me (That's us in the picture above).  


What started as just messing around turned into a hobby and eventually a career.  


I was working for a video production company and 6 months in to the job we lost a major client.  As a result I had a lot more down time and 4 months later I was let go.  That was a Monday and the following Thursday I had my first interview at a mom and pop owned radio station in Connecticut.  This shift lead to my eventual moving to Raleigh, NC where I've been able to break-in to working my favorite years in the industry at WDCG, G105 with the most talented and passionate team I've ever worked with.  


The key to success is to surround yourself with people as passionate as you are who are willing to work together as a team for one common goal no matter what your position.  


I've learned so much in radio from working with sales (and their clients), promotions and personalities as an on-air programming assistant to a Program Director to a morning show producer.  I take a lot of pride in overcoming big challenges and seeing winning results from hard work, which is really fun when you do what you love.  I get the most pleasure out of working behind the scenes as a programming assistant while getting to entertain and inform listeners on the radio through my fun and dry sense of humor as well as opening up with personal stories and un-filtered real life perspective.  I never thought I would share my undecided take on having children of my own or how challenging it can be in the step-father or "mom's boyfriend" role when it comes to helping parent or avoiding feeling disrespected.  I've grown a pair in the name of being authentic and learning a lot.

Whoever said everything happens for a reason was right.  


To this day I still get to enjoy my love for film production producing videos like my documentary Staying With Strangers, helping create relationships by inspiring people to travel more while spending less and creating a stream of income by hosting travelers like you!  Then there's my Tik Tok.

 There's nothing better than waking up every day doing what you love even if it wasn't what you originally intended to do.

Radio may not be my end all career, as the universe keeps guiding me in different directions like sharing my story in 2019 as a guest on the Guys Who Do Stuff Podcast of how I left a well paying job in broadcasting after 15 plus years in this industry to focus on my personal life and the people in it.  

Plus, we talked about my ex-girlfriend's positive co-parenting relationship, making money traveling and more.  Check it out here.

I hope to have inspired so many others at a critical fork in the road on how to take that big step in their life with as little fear as possible.  Sharing the stories of so many that have taken a leap of faith to better their life was a passion project that came out of redirecting my focus more on my personal life resulting in the Pajama Podcast!


 I currently still work in radio on WKJO Country Superstars 102.3, while helping people and businesses tell their story to build their brand, whether launching a podcast, a website or through video.  I just hope I get to bring a bit of hope and joy into people's lives in whatever I do next.