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Behind the scenes of my WSAM college radio show at the University Of Hartford
My Story

Radio wasn't part of the plan but neither was starting my own business.

I grew up listening to the radio but was always making movies as a kid.  Two months before I graduated college as a film and tv production major my girlfriend at the time hosted a radio show at the school's student run radio station, WSAM.  It would only take one visit to her show to get hooked.  (Back when I had hair in college above).  


To this day I still get to enjoy my love for film production producing videos like my documentary Staying With Strangers, helping create relationships by inspiring people to travel more while spending less and creating a stream of income by hosting travelers like you!  

I hope to have inspired so many others at a critical fork in the road on how to take that big step in their life.  Sharing the stories of so many that have taken a leap of faith to better their life was a passion project that came out of redirecting my focus more on my personal life resulting in the Pajama Podcast and LIVE Online With Brody!  


I'm currently the Executive Producer for the nationally syndicated Katie And Company country radio show and podcast, where Katie Neal invites you to be the company in talking everyday life!  Another part of her "company" are different country artists every week on the Superstar Power Hour, where she dives into their music and their life outside of the public eye.

 I also assist people and businesses like Sandals Resorts' PalmCast tell their story to build their brand, through audio and video podcasts and LIVE-streaming shows.  While I have had a voice for years on the radio now I'm excited to help others share their story through their voice.  


Feel free to reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

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