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Believe AND Attract

Everybody has challenges in their life, some that turn into bigger daily struggles. My girlfriend had a boss in her previous job that was verbally abusive and treated her like crap. She wasn't allowed to show up a minute before the start of the day and had to email him if she was going to be late, even if we're just talking minutes. She was a salary employee. He would close her office door behind him and point at her sticking his finger in her face. It was tough. She (and I) know what she is worth. She took her belief and channeled her energy into looking for the right job.

In a world of negative energy she took several deep breaths and turned it into positive energy focused on getting into a better place.

It took a minute but it worked.

There will be times people will try and make you feel like you're not good enough. Maybe you will be surrounded by coworkers and/or a manager that don't buy into the mission statement. Do NOT let that change who you are, especially if you love what you do.

Don't let others take away your spirit or self worth.

Know who you are, what you mean, and what you're worth. Believe in it and the rest will take care of itself. While keeping that all in mind be the energy you want to attract. It worked for my girlfriend. It can work for you. I've taken this advice before, taking a leap of faith. I may have to take it again some day.

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