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DRESS For Life And I Don't Mean Wardrobe

I've learned so much about life and myself in the last two years I've come up with a great life motto in the acronym DRESS.

Everyone should DRESS for life and it has nothing to do with your wardrobe.

DISCOVERY is a part of life for all of us but I've made discover more of a verb through traveling, as well as learning what it's like to be on your own in a new city. I'm a super social person by nature so it was a big adjustment moving to Florida for a promotion when it came to life outside of work. I had no friends there.

But I discovered that sometimes doing things solo can be just as fun, like going to the movies or even traveling.

Risk is a part of life no matter who you are and without risk there is no reward. There's risk of heartbreak when you start dating. There's risk with taking a job, especially if it means moving. There's risk in moving to a different city and part of the country! Hopefully, you've done some thorough research on the job or location to minimize that risk. Moving to Las Vegas for a new job was a risk that is paying off personally and professionally for me. Don't get me wrong, I love NC and feel like it's home (even though I'm originally from NJ). I really like the west coast though, which brings me to my next point.

It seems like enjoying life is a given but it's not always. Sometimes we take what we have for granted, me included. As much of a lifestyle change living single in Las Vegas has been I've enjoyed the traveling, LV entertainment and shows and weather! The peace that comes at moments can be too quiet at times but nice, as well.

Take the time to enjoy even the small things.

I love a good meal and and am super excited that I found an amazing sushi place close to where I live in Spring Valley. That's why I always say it's the small things that sometimes make life nice and fun. Enjoy good company, too. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.

Make sure you're not settling on any human relationship that doesn't treat you with respect.

I'll get into this more in the "sucking it up" part.

I wasn't very good at saving money until I got into my mid 20's. I've worked hard at saving money as I've gotten older, learning about different modes of investing so my money can make more money. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a healthy balance with money. My mom is a five time cancer survivor so I've learned that you have to LIVE while you're here. I save when I can, without feeling like I'm pinching pennies.

Not going out to eat all the time is the easiest way I find to save.

When I travel, I find the least expensive modes of traveling without sacrificing the quality of my trip. Ultimately, if you don't save it will impact your quality of life when you retire. Plus, everyone can use an emergency fund for those moments you never see coming. There are so much programs and apps to help with the saving process to the point where you won't even miss that little bit you save every month.

The final S in DRESS is SUCKING IT UP. There will those times you just need to suck it up and not let the little things get to you.

There will always be lines at the post office around Christmas. Always. Just come to expect it.

Traffic will always exist, especially in bigger cities like Los Angeles or cities that are growing fast. I'm usually the guy that's 15-20 minutes late when meeting people. I've been trying to build extra travel time (aka traffic) into my plans. I've been getting better, promise! Stupid things get me upset. Stupid people get me angry. BUT things like lines at amusement parks, grocery store check out, etc is just part of life. At least there are distractions to pass the time thanks to our cellular devices!

However, sucking it up shouldn't be confused for settling. No human being should feel like they're settling when it comes to how they are treated.

Never settle for people that treat you less in any way.

That goes for coworkers, bosses, friends, family and significant others. Life is too short for that crap. I've considered putting an extra S in my DRESS acronym but I feel like this is more of an * than a whole letter's worth because it's very simple yet we don't always realize it when we are in it.

DRESS for life is the motto or acronym that really works best for me. Perhaps there's a part of this that you can adopt in your life or maybe you already have! Congrats on having it together if that's you. Odds are this is an ongoing process for most of us. Just try and DRESS for life every day. Take care of yourself, life is short.

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