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Staying With Strangers

Impacting Your Life.

How can staying with strangers when traveling impact your life?  It helped affirm one of the biggest decisions of my life.  


I've realized one thing most of us have in common is our love for traveling, but how can we do it on a budget?  Have you even considered the fact that you can make money off people that travel for fun or work?    


I used to make movies as a kid and today...


I like to entertain and have some fun, and maybe someone will get inspired.

I've been working on a documentary giving people more reasons than ever to get out and explore.  


Those that couldn't afford to travel now can, forging life long memories with hosts through Staying With Strangers.  


It's more than just saving money as a traveler or gaining another stream of income as a host with extra room in their home.  I hosted in my own apartment when I lived in Vegas after my roommate moved out to earn half the rent and it impacted my life on such a deeper level.


A 69 year-old stranger named Harry in town for a Vegas tech convention was my Airbnb guest.  We connected on such a level that not only did he make me a lover of chicken curry but he helped affirm my life decision to leave my job in my 15 plus year career to focus on my family.  It was simple but he said to do whatever you need to in order to just "be happy".  I never thought being a host would impact me on a scale like this, ironically months after completing my documentary about these very same connections between strangers!


I have my own Airbnb traveler discount code that will save you money on your first stay wherever you choose and another for those of you that want to open up a space in your home to host travelers including a small cash bonus.  Here's the link:


I understand for some of you the idea of staying in a strangers home is weird and even weirder the idea of having strangers stay in YOUR home.


I felt the same way at first but the system in place to get to know people BEFORE your experience is why more people are traveling than ever.  You'll see what I'm talking about in Staying With Strangers (atop this page).


If you're caught in a hamster wheel of unhappiness even all the more reason to travel, because perhaps it's time to take a step back for a life audit to consider making a change.  When you step out of your bubble be it an unfulfilling job, relationship or whatever is when you can see things a bit more clear.  I'm a big proponent of personal development. 

Dice were the perfect conversation starters as I entertained new friends in my Vegas apartment

My apartment in Vegas where I Airbnb'd a bedroom with a private bathroom.  I lived in the master bedroom and loved meeting people, some that would make a big impact on my life!

My cozy guest bedroom for my Airbnb guests.
I loved my Las Vegas apartment courtyard.

This was a nice complex, though most don't allow you to Airbnb a room even if you live in it.  If you live in the residence you OWN you make your own rules.

I did furnish the room with brand new furniture ON SALE!

Staying With Strangers trailer
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Staying With Strangers trailer

Staying With Strangers trailer

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Staying With Strangers... In Arizona

Staying With Strangers... In Arizona

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Brody's Carnival Vista Caribbean Cruise

Brody's Carnival Vista Caribbean Cruise

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This Airbnb's beautiful backyard view of the mountains, on the outskirts of Phoenix
Comfy patio at this Airbnb just outside of Phoenix
A nice Airbnb just outside of Phoenix around Christmas time.

This Airbnb just outside of Phoenix, Arizona was one of my favorites because it was in a peaceful community, with the nicest and most thoughtful hosts.  I didn't even get to meet them to thank them for the bottle of wine they left me.

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