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Our Flight Over Vegas & Grand Canyon

Tara and I went to Las Vegas for her work meetings and got to see the Grand Canyon from a helicopter! We even touched down inside the canyon for breakfast! Since the airport is right next to the Las Vegas strip (next to the MGM Grand) we got to fly over the strip, as well. After visiting Las Vegas so many times this was a new and pretty cool experience for me.

It was Tara's first time in Vegas so her visits in the future will never be the same!

I won't lie, it's not cheap. I believe this package, which is the most popular cost $950 for two people. It's a 45 minute flight to the Grand Canyon, with a 30 minute breakfast, lunch or dinner and then a 45 minute flight back.

It was well worth it and one of those once in a lifetime experiences! Interested?

Look into it with Sundance Helicopter Tours.

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