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Our Arizona Adventure

My girlfriend Tara, her son Braxton and I took a trip to Tucson, Arizona to see her family and I just fell in love with the town! Ironically, it was less expensive to fly into Tucson than Phoenix (and smaller airport, too). Her entire family tree flies to Tucson every three years where her grandparents live to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

That is where I discovered the Arizona desert and loved just how peaceful it was.

We also took the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, where it's like another movie set with breathtaking views! I have friends like Reid and Brooke (aka Peanut Butter) that used to work for G105 and now work radio in Phoenix so we had to take a trip out to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit!

I love that and all the cities we visited in Arizona, making me want to return to experience so much more!

I'd advise for anyone who loves outdoor adventures to visit Arizona outside of the summer!

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