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Big Life Change, Deeper Connection Travel Documentary & Life Audit on the Guys Who Do Stuff Podcast

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I was a guest on the 'Guys Who Do Stuff Podcast' (link below)

I was so excited to be asked to guest star on Joe and Josh's Guys Who Do Stuff Podcast! Joe Woolworth and I met at a Podcast Meet Up where we had a recent major life event in common.

We both left well paying full time careers to focus more time on family, except my family was on the opposite site of the coast I was living on.

I've spent more than 15 years focusing my career on radio broadcasting to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences. I took a break from overseeing radio stations as a whole to help produce the Triangle's famous 25 plus year Bob and The Showgram morning show on G105. Plus, that allowed me the chance to get back to where I call home now.

It was such an honor to be a part of Showgram history, knowing the power and attraction of the show's host, Bob Dumas.

I learned that the show makes an impact on Triangle locals on a level that was so humbling.

The show became a part of people's morning routine, evoking all kinds of emotions, including frustration and laughs most times! However, for me the most rewarding part of joining the show was the one time of the year we would do our Bob's Buddies radio-a-thon where we raised money for pediatric brain tumor research. My mom is a multi-time colon cancer survivor so I've seen how cancer can change a person's life. However, knowing some kids battle such a disease is heartbreaking. The fighters and survivors really put things in perspective.

Working on Bob and the Showgram was an amazing experience that I never dreamed of being a part of. However, I eventually found myself being pulled back into radio programming to help run a whole radio brand, leading me to Sunny 106.5 in Las Vegas working the afternoon shift on the air. The Las Vegas community has truly come together between the Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy and the new Vegas Golden Knights hockey team. I was proud to be part of an 80's to now radio station in such a strong city!

As much as I enjoyed working in Vegas in a bigger capacity about a year in is when I made the decision to put my loved ones first and return to the Triangle. This is the first time I've ever left a company or any job mid contract.

I had a feeling leaving mid job may impact the reputation I've built over the years in my dream career.

I realize some questions may include, why did I leave North Carolina knowing I'd have to leave my family? Why would I jeopardize a well built reputation in my industry? How did a stranger play a part in my prioritizing my life? We talked about this thing called a "Life Audit", the power of great co-parenting, my documentary helping people travel the world on a budget and the potential to create an additional stream of income hosting travelers and more in this episode of Guys Who Do Stuff.

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